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    xF2 Add-on Redirection script for SMF 2.2

    Redirect rules for SMF 2.0. Option 1 - .htaccess There are a few things for .htaccess to work correctly: SMF 2.0 was using normal URLs, like "" "Use full friendly URLs" in Xenforo is enabled During the import to Xenforo, you choose to retain ID's...
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    Plugins Interlinks Manager v1.22

    Analyze the interlinks Inside the Dashboard menu, with regular expressions applied to your posts, and by tracking the users clicks, this plugin is able to retrieve information such as the number of manual internal links, the number of auto internal links, the number of visits generated with your...
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    Plugins Yoast SEO Premium

    Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO plugin Get more visitors from Google and Bing Attract more visitors from social media Increase your readers’ engagement
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    xF1 Add-on Advanced Attachment System (AAS) 2.3.2

    Advanced Attachment System (AAS) has SEO, PDF-Preview, Attachment options for specific forums, QR-Code and more... Features: Watermark for Images - based on group rights - Original images are not changed - Also for existing attachments - Available for Post, Conversation, Resource Manager -...
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    xF2 Add-on SEO (SEO2) 2.3.0 Beta 5

    Decide for yourself and effectively which content is indexed from the search engine. This happens either automatically or manually. There are extensive rules in the forum preferences. When creating a thread, you can immediately influence the "noindex","index","nofollow" and "follow" Robot Meta...
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    xF2 Add-on [DBTech] DragonByte SEO URLs to XenForo 2 1.0.0a3

    THIS RELEASE IS UNSUPPORTED AND PROVIDED ENTIRELY AS-IS WITH NO GUARANTEES, WARRANTIES OR PROMISE IT WILL WORK FOR YOU. This script lets you import your old DragonByte SEO configuration and have any supported URLs redirected to XF2. Which URLs are supported depends on the XenForo Redirects for...