Signup abuse detection and blocking

xF2 Add-on Signup abuse detection and blocking 1.6.7

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  • Fix phrase reporting when a report was re-opened due to an unknown multi-account
  • Fix filter suppressing previously seen multi-account pairs re-opening a resolved report was checking the wrong id
  • Add option to log reason for why a report is bumped (default enabled)
  • Be explicit about legacy detection events (ie log a detection method of 'legacy'). Not a retroactive change
  • Order per-account multi-account list by most recent event first
  • Improve robustness of 'Permit Duplicate Report' to not suppress reporting of new multi-account pairs
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  • Improve onboarding process by hooking XF's periodic 'keep-alive' beacons, and checking that the tracking cookie is set
  • Improve reliability of tracking multiple accounts in some cases
  • Fix "Add to group"/"Reject" direct rules not working for multi-account actioning on registration
  • Fix "Do not save users rejected on signup" option with XF2.1.6+
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  • Fix that the email bb-code was not being checked for url domain filtering
  • Fix "add to group" option being considered a custom option
  • Fix multiple account filtering in admincp's user edit page
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  • Fix for some phrase/templates associated with this add-on having invalidly high version id's making translating the add-on difficult
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  • Fix port scanning error when some socket functions are unexpectedly disabled but others are not
  • Fix race condition between user being deleted and the approval queue entry being removed
  • Enable wildcard support in geoip block country matching rules
  • Improve text rules descriptions
  • Implement "Add to group" if the score is above some threshold, or if directly triggered. Use "addToGroup" in text rules. Can be applied even if moderation/rejection rules are applied
  • Implement integration, requires a contact email address to be set
  • Require XF2.1+, drop XF2.0 support
  • Harden Content Link Checker to hopefully not cause regex errors with some versions of php
  • Support using a proxy service for port scans (bundled script/port_scanner.php provided. Host port_scanner.php on a webserver somewhere, and then enter the URL into the relevant add-on option)
  • Fix that a user could be reported as multi-accounting themselves (ie token being upgraded/replaced)